USA 2013
The Mirror 30"x30" The Rest 30"x30" Parenting 30"x30" Searching 28"x28" - SOLD
Secure 30"x30" Tendernes 48"x60" The Kiss 30"x30" - SOLD The Light 30"x30"
The Whisper 30"x30" YouTube Video Escape 30"x30" - SOLD By The Window 30"x30" - SOLD
The Mother I The Mother II The Bedroom -SOLD The Game - SOLD
The Kiss 2 I Am 14"x14" -SOLD Promenade 14"x14"-SOLD Through The Window 14"x14" - SOLD
The Saint I 18"x24" The Saint II 18"x24" The Saints 36"x24"
Morning I 12"x12" Morning II 12"x12" Morning III 12"x12" Morning IV 12"x12"