As white light can be divided into myriad of colours, BLACK is the absence of colour. Ironically, white paint is the complete absence of colour and black the combination of every colour.

Into this setting Laurent adds her over saturated Yves Klein blue symbolising spiritual forces. The extensive colours, details and worldly information become muted, buried under thin repetitive layers of white paint, leaving traces of coloured experiences and energy.

After 23 years as a professional artist, Laurent has turned, once and for all, away from her figurative expressionist style, her colours, and her pictorial poetic talk to a new calligraphic abstract body of work.

Her paintings become her declaration to turn away from worldly details, colours, superficial information, intellectualized composition and pictorial explanations. As French painter, Pierre August Renoir declared: “I’ve been 20 years discovering that the queen of all colours was black”, we hear Laurent whisper “precisely”.

“It was such a long journey of discovery” says the Belgian artist. “Travelling through numerous continents and cultures, spiritual and material worlds, rich and poor, Eastern and Western influences. Like a salmon swimming against the stream, not knowing why and where but going anyway, led by some mysteriously force to return to the source of their origin.” Laurent has finally reached the epiphanic conclusion: BLACK is the beginning, the ultimate colour, the source of all emotions, stories, creation and expressions that the artist could dare dream to paint. Her interest in scriptures has only confirmed her conclusions. Genesis 1 “In the beginning there was darkness/black”.

Laurent’s art, expresses her emotional embracement of sobriety, quality, and the artistic passion for Divine influence and energy. The colours, details and worldly information are buried under thin repetitive layers of white paint, only leaving traces of coloured experiences and energy. The black calligraphic paintbrush strokes become spiritual subjects and are a pictorial and emotional expression of the artist’s message.